Successful Breastfeeding

Successful Breastfeeding
by Jane C. Van Nort, IBCLC

Even the federal government recognizes the importance of breastfeeding. House Bill 3531, known as the New Mothers Breastfeeding Promotion and Protection Act, has five key measures

1. Ensures that breastfeeding is protected under civil rights law;

2. Provides tax credit for employers who set up lactation rooms and/or provide equipment and/or counseling;

3. Grants working moms unpaid breastfeeding (pumping) breaks of up to an hour a day;

4. Requires the FDA to develop minimum standards for breast pumps; and

5. Expands support for WIC’s breastfeeding promotion and education programs. Sixteen states, including Texas, protects, by law, the mother’s right to breastfeed in public.