Childbirth Resources

Everything you need to know as you prepare for the birth of your first baby.

Peaceful Birth? Considering Natural Childbirth
by Shelley Albini, a Childbirth Education Practitioner teaching Hypnobirthing in Connecticut.
Midlife Motherhood: What’s Age Got to Do with It?
Reprinted from: What If I Have a C-Section?: How to Prepare, How to Decide, How to Recover Quickly by Rita Rubin
Childbirth Preparation Classes
by Sharon M. DiRienzo RNC, MSN and Health Educator with Women’s Health Source at Bryn Mawr Hospital (Jefferson Health System) in Pennsylvania. Sharon has 14 years of obstetrical experience as Staff Nurse, Clinical Educator, Manager and six years as a Certified Childbirth Educator.
Prenatal Education – What to look for in a childbirth class
by Karen Wallace, who has been coached by her husband, Jeff Dean, in three Bradley® births. Karen and Jeff teach Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth classes together in the greater Hartford/Middletown area in Connecticut.
Childbirth & Parenting Classes – Available Options
by the health care professionals at Littleton Hospital in Littleton, Colorado.
Childbirth Preparation Classes…Bradley Method, Kitzinger Method, & Lamaze Method
by Vicki Swindell, RN, Certified Childbirth Educator and Nurse Manager at Columbia Rose Medical Center, Labor and Delivery in Denver, Colorado.
Who Needs Lamaze? I’m getting an epidural!
by Carole M. Novak, Manager of Women’s Health Education for Adventist Health System – Midwest Region, Illinois.
Certified Nurse-Midwives?
by Mavis Schorn, CNM from The Women’s Specialists of Houston, Texas.
Nurse-Midwifery Care – Safe, Effective, Soothing
by Mary Anne Diamond CNM, MSN, The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.
Consider a Nurse-Midwife
by Cathy Parisi, CNM, who works with families at the Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center, the only freestanding birth center in Connecticut.
What is a Birth Doula?
by Jan S. Mallak, 2LAS, ICCE, CD (DONA), ICD, Founder/Coordinator of “Heart & Hands” Doula Service in Export, Pennsylvania.
What a First-Time Mom Can Expect During Labor
by Carol Nelson, RN at University Hospital in Denver, Colorado.
Labor and Delivery: Pushing
by Marianne Fuja, RN, BSN, Lead Prenatal Instructor at Central DuPage Hospital.
Cord Blood Retrieval
by Carolyn Amato, RNC, Director of Maternal-Child Health at Holy Name Hospital in New Jersey.
Umbilical Cord Blood: Something to Save?
by Kathy Sepesy, BSN, ACCE, is a certified childbirth educator who currently teaches childbirth classes at Indiana Hospital in Pennsylvania. She is also employed by Cord Blood Registry as a community educator.
Splish, Splash…I’m in Labor – Options in Water Birth
by Adele Garrison, RNC of HealthOne, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.
Water Immersion and Pain Control in Labor
by Kimberly A. Boehmler, MSN, CNM of Franklin Midwifery Associates at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, Pennsylvania.